Nine points of discrimination

Pipala Dhungana

Both men and women are beautiful creations of Nature, yet society has created different conditions for these two, and even though some of their customs and behaviors are inappropriate and illegal, we cannot challenge them enough. Differentiate between people born in the same womb, made from the same semen ovaries, and with the same blood flow.

Unable to recognize,we are still beset by such injustices. If we really want to make a lasting change, we must give up such wrong practices. Some of the three discriminatory rites made by the society are summarized below in nine points. These are just a few representative parts of the thousands of differences in our society:

Informal maid

Looks like the kitchen is a woman’s drink. The daughter caste is born and signed in the contract of handling the kitchen. The fact that a man enters his wife’s house to handle the kitchen is a fact that when a wife dies, a man ‘sticks to the house of the poor, and who will wash the stove if he does not marry another? ‘You know. Husband – The wife returns home from the office, the husband holds the water and the wife goes to the kitchen, while the husband is on the sofa or bed. Except for a couple of exceptions, cooking, laundry and house cleaning in the kitchen are still the responsibility of women in Nepali society. Since the daughter is a man, the practice of spending half of her life in kitchens, dresses, and hygiene is not entirely plausible.

Getting up early in the morning, taking care of the children, caring for the animals, and becoming a means of lustful living at night in some cases is a daily activity of some Nepali women. To this day, I have not seen my father handle the kitchen. My daughter has never seen such a ‘reverse’ scene in my kitchen. How can he understand the similarity when our sons do not see such a scene at home? As long as only women are seen in the kitchen and ‘invisible labor’, the changes will only come in the ‘buffet of NGOs’. It is unfair and unacceptable to earn a reputation of being the sole heir of the bride and the maid of the housekeeper.

Legal – Illegal prostitute

While hearing the word harlot, some find it indecent and rude, but women are still being treated by society today. Sometimes, on the basis of behavior, there are just as many male prostitutes in society, but in the nine-point society of difference, almost everyone understands that the prostitute is female. If a woman is a prostitute, then a male prostitute must be, because the prostitute is also a prostitute. One of the stories that my friend told me reveals the fact that a woman who walks in the evening dressed in fine clothes, also sees a prostitute. My friend was returning home from Ljimpat some evening time ago. On reaching Ratnapark, she could not get a bus to reach her residence Kalimati. She is planning to walk to Kalimati. In the meantime, her husband called her and told her to stay at Ratnapark for a while and he would come to fetch her. According to friends, she only stood for five minutes at Ratnapark, but in the meantime, many men asked her, ‘How much is the price?’ , How much is the rate? Asking her price. My friend told her that the five minutes she was standing at Ratnapark was tragic and long in life.

Except for the nightlife of Lajimpat, Dhamal and some of the housewives, the evening and night are the only sons. In the eyes of the society, the daughter-in-law of the evening is either a prostitute or a prostitute. While many women are earning themselves and pursuing higher education, in this city, she has to spend the night. They, like my friend, are frequently rated by the question of ‘rate’. Who would have said that not all women who stand at the bus stop in the evening are ‘prostitutes’? Sadly, women are not responding to any organized response to such a trend.

Temporary Education

Many parents of society are concerned about their future. So they send their son to school tomorrow, but he sends his daughter to a cheaper school. We have a practice of deeming government schools weak and private. Some parents are so cruel and seemingly criminal in nature that they feed their son sweetly and even feed his daughter. This is probably due to the worry that the son will have to send another child home, even after he or she is nurtured and educated. This thinking has changed drastically. A new generation is at least giving up discrimination among children in education. That’s a good sign.

Marriage Rights

It is customary for us not to marry our daughter at home and force her to marry and force her to marry. The society that raised Shiv Sharma, the marriage of a seven-year-old girl to an eight-year-old girl, is not in favor of single daughters even today. Iron ore is the second marriage of women today. Because we read only stories that are earned by the male race. We caught the second marriage culture on the pretext of running it. The female caste was depicted as the only person living within the boundaries of the house, the mountain itself, and even the mountains. The Puranas and the books were made in the same story as the male race. Likewise, the issue of widow marriage is still complicated in the society. Even if the widows give in to the second bride without questioning, the single woman gets her nose broken when she marries another.

Body guard duty

Even today, on the basis of being born with physically different genitals, the male and female members of the family decide on their right to roam. Who is insecure in society if every man who has grown up in the womb of a woman who is breastfeeding and who gives life through the warmth of his breast? In the case of going to Alipar from home, assigning a daughter or daughter-in-law to a brother, a devar or a guardian means that the society still wants to imprison a woman in a cage. The mothers of the house still despise the daughter today – should the daughter not come home so late at night? Why do mothers say that mothers believe in discriminatory policies raised by society more than daughters.

Is the boy also a friend?

Some time ago I was with a friend. He got a call from his house. While talking, she said that she was with a friend. From there, the mother asked her – boy or girl? His mother wants her daughter to be a boyfriend. But parents do not have to ask the same question to their son because their son is privileged. Boys are free to go anywhere. Freedom is the greatest gift of human life, and many daughters are still searching for their happiness in captive freedom today.

Weak and inferior depiction

If a daughter is a creation of the earth, how can she be weak? But when it comes to weakness, the name of the woman comes. ‘I too am not sitting in my hands and looking down,’ said the brother’s words in the village during the last year of my school life in the village. Stealing causes pain. I believe that Chura is a symbol of weakness from the beginning. Unless you are married or single in the city, it is not a matter of special interest, but it is still important in the village. Some time ago, while visiting a relative’s house in the village, many acquaintances met. In the meantime a mother asked – Isn’t Nanny married? Khat and sindoor-vaccine?

I asked my mother politely: If women without sindoor-grandchildren are not husband, then how can man be wife? Mommy broke her tongue. I said that the husband’s mark is not a sindoor-grandchild. It is a great proof that we are married, with our children hanging out with us! I still think that in fact, the vaccine should be given to a man because he should not get pregnant or breastfeed. After the birth of the offspring, the body of the woman does not change as the body does.

Not accepting female power

There was a lot of talk here in the country, but still women are in the position of ‘Ceremonial’ or vice-presidents. Only if compelled by compulsory laws, the presence of women, even in parliament, would not have happened. Women are rarely seen even at big party forums and meetings. It is natural for a man who does not like the social presence of a woman to enjoy the presence of a woman in bed, but it is sad to think that the woman himself doubts and rejects the female leadership. When will a woman know that no one has special abilities because of her caste? It is difficult to change this mindset if our generation does not forcefully interfere with this discriminatory system.

Prenatal murder

Even in this age, it is customary for some parents to recognize the gender of their children in the hospital. There is no need for anyone to be responsible for the law. What could be more traumatic than murdering a woman before she sees the world as having a daughter? And sadly, every woman is involved in such a crime. ‘Male slavery’ is responsible for the murder of a daughter in the womb. Not only the woman witnesses the murder of her daughter, the age of woman living honorably will never be established until the practice of supporters ends.

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