The British Parliament announces visit to Nepal


The campaign to visit Nepal in the British Parliament will be promoted in Year 2020.

The Secretariat says the tourism year is about to be disseminated to the House of Lords in the UK. Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Yogesh Kumar Bhattarai has arrived in the UK to announce a tourism year in the House of Lords. Minister Bhattarai also accompanied the visiting secretariat and officials of the Nepal Tourism Board.

According to the Secretariat, a special program has been set up for promotion of the Nepal Travel Year which will be coming to the UK on the occasion of World Travel Market (WTM) every year. The fair, the world’s largest ‘Travel So’, has begun today. The board said that the overall tourism promotion materials and food items of Nepal will also be exhibited during the three-day fair.

The highlight of the program is the event honoring British nationals with ‘The Himalayan Travel Award 19’ which contributes to Nepal’s tourism development and promotion.

There is a program to appoint British celebrity actress, writer and campaigner Joanna Lumley, British politician of Indian origin Sandeep Kumar Burma, and Gopichand Parmanand Hinduja, a British businessman of Indian origin.

Similarly, for a long time, there has been a program of giving appreciation letters to major British tour operators who have been sending tourists to Nepal. The award will be distributed by Minister Bhattarai.

Similarly, travel agent and hotel entrepreneur Ramesh Arora, Markus Kattan, who has been involved in tourism in Nepal for two and a half decades, AV Jim Edwards, who has been working in Nepal’s wildlife tourism, will be given Robin Marston, a longtime campaigner for promoting Nepal’s tourism destination, and Hinoel, the leading distributor of Nepal tourism.

Likewise, Michael Weight (Managing Director, Riviera Travel), Asley Tough (CEO, Key Adventure Travel), Pater Burrell (MD, Exodule Travel), Robert Goodwin (Production & Purchase), Director, Creating and Purchasing, assisting Nepal’s tourism promotion. Mercury Holidays), Andy Swarrell (Managing Director, Titan Travel) and Steve Berry (Managing Director, Mountain) The Secretariat mentioned that the tour year would be distributed to the Kingdom.

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