Director Satyaraj Chaulagai in the race for ‘Antare’


Young Director Satyaraj Chaulagain is set to make a new movie. Previously directed by Anurag, he is now making a movie called ‘Antare’. Raj Pandit and Subas Rai are investing in the film, which is being produced under the banner of Red Eyes Films. The movie will become a contemporary story.

Director Satyaraj is currently busy finalizing the script for the movie. Chaulagain says, ‘Some of the artists have already signed the script. However, the main characters are not selected. Since this is a very moving film, there is a discussion with an artist who plays the same character. ‘

Director Satyaraj has been active in Nepali films for the past 12 years. He has direction as chief assistant director in dozens of films. He directed the film, Anurag, which was released in October last year. He vowed to make no effort to excel the ‘Antare’.

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