Wildlife And 9 Must See Wild Animals of Nepal


we have numerous national parks and reserves to protect wildlife diversity and the Wildlife tourism is also a source of income for the country. we have large number of rhododendron species and wild animals found in Rara Lake ecoregion and ecoregion of the terai grasslands and bardiya national park is protect more then waild sepices .


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Nepal is home to four species of big cats, clouded leopards were believed to be extinct in Nepal but in 1998 clouded leopard was captured in Chitwan National Park. Wild Felids found in the Wilderness of Nepal . There are Tiger, Leopard. Birdiya netional park is famous for tiger .


Greater One Horned Rhinoceros are found in Chitwan National Park. Nepal provides a fantastic home for greater one horned rhinos in Terai Duar savanna and grasslands region in southern Nepal.

Himalayan Tahr

Himalayan Tahr is one of the largest ungulate species native to the Himalayas of Nepal. The Himalayan tahr is rare and huge wild mountain goat known as the Nepalese Tahr and allow for Hunting in Neapal.

Beech Marten

Beech Marten is one of the species of marten native to much of Central Asia and Europe. This small marten is found in number of open and forest habitats of Nepal . it known as malchapro in Nepal

The most widely spread and seen in Nepal. Found in regions ranging from 100m to 3100m above sea level, these Yellow-throated Marten are found in coniferous to broadleaved forests and jungles.

Larger than the Beech Marten with a longer tail, the Yellow-throated Marten as the name suggests has a deep cannery yellow neck with shades of yellow in the back. The face, crown, tail and the legs are black. A very agile and bold hunter, skillful both in the ground and on trees these martens weigh around 3-4 kgs. 

Marbled Cat

The marbled cat was once thought to be a close relative of the clouded leopard (genera Neofelis) because of many morphological similarities.  It  is one of the small wild cat,closely related to the Asian golden cat and the bay cat. The marbled cat mostly occurs along the Indian Himalayan foothills, Royal Manas National Park in Bhutan and Chitwan National Park in Nepal.

Yellow Monitor

Yellow Monitor Lizard also called Sun Gohoro in Nepali, found on the edge of forest and plains of the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers in India and Nepal. Bengal monitor and Yellow monitor are two large species of lizard found in Nepal.


Elephant is the largest of all mammals in Nepal and there was large population located in the lowland forest area of Chitwan National Park in Nepal.


Nepal has large diversity of reptiles that include poisonous and non poisonous snakes, Lizards,turtles and crocodile. Marsh Crocodile and gharials inhabits rivers and lakes and Python are lives Terai forest.

Red Panda

Red Panda seen in this undated picture.

There are several species of mammal found in Nepal, most notable and keytone species of the Nepal forest are the corsac fox, red panda and Tibetan wolf. At least 218 red pandas found in the high mountain slopes of eastern Nepal.

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