Rich mosaic of cultural heritages


Kathmandu : Nepal’s rich mosaic of cultural heritages could be likened to a precious diamond having numerous facets. The Kathmandu Valley is a treasure trove of Nepalese culture, and an important side of that culture is its architectural heritage which is represented in the numerous monuments included and preserved  within the seven monument zones in the Kathmandu Valley World Heritage Site.

The valley is replete with marvelous creations in various shapes and forms of art and architecture, extending even to a small stone or a bronze statue. The fine woodcarvings in the temples and houses are well-known throughout the  world. The exquisite temples, monasteries, stupas or Chaityas, shrines, palaces, monuments and every other  architectural wonder of the valley are glorious cultural treasures of Nepal as well as a heritage of the whole of mankind.

Kathmandu Valley houses a number of museums and art galleries displaying art work of the past and present.

The place, which blends cultural vigor with modern facilities possible on earth is place liked by tourists been here. The place has more to offer and it is not only administrative capital of the country but to the fullest extend capital of traditional culture and physical resources.

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